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Alright tumblr. Help me out.

I need to pick a song or two to submit for the song cycle that Theater Brigade is doing. I’ve narrowed it down a bit but I still have too many.

  1. She by Georgia Stitt
  2. I Will Be Loved Tonight from I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change
  3. I Could Write Books from Zanna Don’t! (I love this song but I don’t think the sheet music is available.)
  4. Air by Georgia Stitt
  5. I Take It Back by JRB from Kevin Odekirk’s album
  6. A Way Back To Then from [title of show]
  7. Role of a Lifetime from Bare
  8. See Me from Bare
  9. All That’s Known from Spring Awakening
  10. My Name is Archie by JRB from 13/Kevin Odekirk’s album
  11. Someone to Fall Back On by JRB (+1 vote from Rachel)
  12. Something’s Coming from West Side Story

Okay. It occurs to me that I picked ALL OF THE OBSCURE SONGS. So. Maybe you won’t be that helpful, tumblr. Also a number of these I may not be able to find sheet music for (like the ones from Unheard and Zanna), which would help narrow it down. I should really find out about that.

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