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John Green's tumblr: Is Advertising the Future--Or the Past?


Hank and I have always felt varying degrees of discomfort supporting our YouTube videos with advertisements. We don’t control the content of the ads or who sponsors our shows, and many times we disagree with the advertisers.

I do not, for instance, think gold is a good investment, or that Obama…

I don’t mind non-obnoxious ads (ie the video player on CBS’s website is awful and the ads are annoying and it doesn’t work very well) like the ones on youtube, but I also would probably support you and Hank, Wheezy Waiter, and other youtubers that I enjoy using an NPR kind of model. I would be glad to get rid of the ads in this way, but I also really enjoy supporting people whose work I enjoy directly when I can. Although most online ads don’t bother me very much, I’ve found the ads on TV to be unbearable on the few occasions that I’ve watched stuff live recently, and I abhor the culture of advertisement in general. So yeah, I’d rather support people whose content and lives I care about directly than watch ads, even though I wouldn’t be able to give very much. 

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I love how much of an impression an amazing theater-going experience can make on you.

Or maybe it’s just that the shows I do get to see in the last few years are so much fewer and so much further in between that they stick in my mind more.

Except that production of Les Mis, like, I will just never forget it. Seriously.

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Sad Ben is sad.

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